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About Bumi Emas Setia (M) Sdn. Bhd.  | Our Management |

BUMIEMAS SETIA (M) SDN.BHD (BMS) was incorporated on the 26th of June 1996 as a private Limited Company. It is a wholly – owned BUMIPUTRA Company with its primary business being Construction, Civil, Road works, Electrical, Plumbing Class 2, Landscaping and Steel Works

BUMIEMAS SETIA (M) SDN.BHD (BMS) provides diversified services to institutions that recognize the value of a partner who works diligently and creatively to find the best possible solution for each particular project. 

Since being incorporated and with our Advisor Tan Sri Dato’ N.S. Maniam and Chairman Datuk Ahmad Suhaimi bin Babjee, BUMIEMAS SETIA (M) SDN.BHD (BMS) has successfully undertaken projects ranging from Electrical, Plumbing & Civil Works to big scale Building & Development projects. This is due to the fact that Bumiemas is capitalized by energetic, experienced and highly skilled workforce with strong financial capacity. 

BUMIEMAS SETIA (M) SDN.BHD (BMS) is now expanding its activities by participating in various Government projects involving TNB, Telecom, Ministry of Defense, PUAS Bhd etc and other private projects and further plans to diversify into million dollar Mix-Development Projects. It is a long terms strategy to eventually become a Key Role player in High-Rise Building Construction.

With strong support from its shareholders, associate companies and staff, BUMIEMAS SETIA (M) SDN.BHD (BMS) is poised to continue is positive growth trend in the future. 

Hence, BUMIEMAS SETIA (M) SDN.BHD (BMS) ensures that design goals are realistic, achievable and meet clients’ needs and satisfaction. Our uncompromising commitment towards achieving quality result and customers satisfaction has earned us the trust.

             The Road to Success is Always Under Construction  

Our Management